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The President runs the GEBAS meetings.

The responsibilities of the President include:

*Creating an agenda with input from members

*Running board meetings and other special meetings, as needed

*Making sure meetings are productive and that members of the board are respectful toward each other and guests at all times during meetings

*Ensuring that all members of the board have the support needed to fulfill their roles

*Being a designated signatory on checks

*Working with Treasurer to set and manage budget

*Working with Public Relations Director to set communication plan and review content for websites, newsletters, social media, etc.

*Working with VP to align Board activities with LSDMC and ILT

*Working with Principal collaboratively to meet school needs and advance the educational experience

*Working with input from the Board to approve a yearly budget

*Working with input from the Board and Principal to set annual calendar

Public Relations

Responsibilities include the management of all social media pages pertaining to Fairview-Clifton. Creating engaging and original content, as well as announcements and reminders about upcoming events.

Producing, managing and updating the weekly Falkenpost that goes out once a week. As well as producing a once monthly special edition Falkenpost that will inform families on the month's upcoming events. Anything published on the website should get approval from the GEBAS President before being published. The GEBAS President should provide edits to the Public Relations Coordinator within 24 hours before the scheduled publication of the Falkenpost.

The Public Relations Coordinator will be in charge of maintaining a committee of individuals who are willing to give school tours. They will work with publicizing and coordinating school tours. Generally, the Fall tours run September through mid-November, with two tours a week. There could not be an easier job than talking to prospective families about the quality of our school.

The Public Relations Coordinator will be in charge of organizing the Back to School Parent Breakfast for new incoming kindergarten parents on the first day of school and soon following the Back-to-School Family Picnic at the beginning of the school year. The parent breakfast and family picnic are great community builders. It is a wonderful opportunity to get involved and meet new people in our school family. Anything published on the website should get approval from the GEBAS President and School Principal.

This position can require needing to do something within a few hours notice for Special Edition Falkenpost notices. You will need reliable internet, a desktop computer accessible at home, and the ability to get the weekly newsletter out each week by Monday 12 am EST. 

Technology Coordinator

First of all, this position DOES NOT require a super techie person to do the job successfully. The primary responsibility of the Technology Coordinator is to manage Fairview's website! The platform that CPS has provided for our website is easy to use and updates can be made online from any computer. This is a really fun part of the position that allows for free creative range to make the website how you see fit! Other responsibilities include administering GEBAS email accounts, managing Fairview Travel, and GEBAS Websites.

This position has been a wonderful way to stay involved at Fairview and stay connected to what is going on. I've especially enjoyed getting to make new friends and form relationships in all areas of the school. Being on GEBAS has provided me with an appreciation for all the hard work our parent volunteers give on a daily basis. Please contact Lara if you have any questions or want any other information about the Technology Coordinator position!

Ways and Means

The Ways & Means representative’s role is to oversee fundraising programs for the school. Ways and Means major programs include:

Invest in your Child (IIYC)--fall,

Read-A-Thon (RAT)--spring,

Box Tops--(quarterly)

Kroger Cards, Amazon Smile (Year round)

Product Sale (as needed).


Assist GEBAS in raising the money needed to meet the proposed GEBAS Budget.

Work cooperatively with the board, especially the Special Events Representative and Treasurer.

Prepare monthly reports to communicate fundraising progress.

Form and chair committee to come up with fundraising plans for the year’s activities.

Review previous years’ successes and failures, review present companies that GEBAS is dealing with and present proposed Ways and Means budget, along with fundraising projects, to the board for approval.

Oversee major fundraising events. Prepare, communicate and disseminate fundraising materials to teachers, staff, and Fairview community--paper, Falkenpost, website. Collect and record funds from fundraisers.

Follow GEBAS Bylaws at all times.

Maintain a “Procedure Book” to be passed on to his/her successor.

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear is an incredibly fun position to hold on the GEBAS Board! The position is responsible for running the Spirit Wear Shop, managing orders with the online vendor, researching and acquiring new designs, procuring inventory to have on site, setting up shop at special events, helping with the Fasching t-shirt design contest, and managing a small team of volunteers.  If you'd like to help outfit the students and are looking for a great way to be involved at Fairview, this is the position for you! This is also a fantastic way to get to know and build relationships with teachers, students, and parents at Fairview! Please call or email me with any questions: Olivia Koch -, 513.519.9087

Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for maintaining database and securing volunteers for all school events. Works with event coordinators and staff to understand volunteer needs.

Green Space Coordinator

The Green Space Coordinator’s role is to work with school staff and parent community to develop and execute a long-term vision for the school grounds above and beyond the landscaping that was installed when the school was built. 

Objectives: To enhance the schoolyard with functional, aesthetic and educational garden-related components (i.e. additional tree plantings, raised bed gardens, ornamental plantings and structures).


Maintenance and care of the parent-planted trees

Maintenance and care of the classroom flower and vegetable gardens on the school grounds

Organize and lead a group of volunteers to help execute the projects coordinated, such as helping teachers plan and execute gardening projects for their classrooms, cleaning up school gardens in spring and fall, and organizing summer watering team for kindergarten plots and new trees.

Coordinate flower sale held annually to help fundraise for projects on the grounds. 

Plan and events related to Green Space activities, such as Earth Day and Arbor Day celebrations

Follow GEBAS Bylaws at all times

Maintain a “Procedure Book” to be passed on to his/her successor.


A general enthusiasm for promoting gardening, beautification and environmental stewardship is encouraged.

A green thumb and a general knowledge of gardening and tree maintenance are desirable, but not necessary. 

Attention to detail and administrative abilities to execute Flower Sale (or other fundraiser).

Ability to organize and lead volunteer groups from within Fairview or the community to execute tasks on grounds.

Availability on weekends or weeknights to work with staff and volunteers, and on a few occasions, during the school day.

German Travel Coordinator

Manages the exchange program for our prospective 7th and 8th grade alumni traveling to Germany by working with parents of travelers to implement current fundraisers and to develop any desired new activities for the Germany trip. The Coordinator also manages and tracks individual fundraising totals for travelers for all group efforts, including the collection of personal deposits, verifies all fundraising money and updates totals in each traveler's account, communicates information about the program and fundraising opportunities with current and prospective parents by keeping the e-list up-to-date, sending email updates, making updates to the travel website. The Coordinator works with German teachers in charge of the program, attends and/or assists in roughly a dozen fundraisers per year, and assists with German-American night as needed. Contact Kim Kurtz with any questions

Wellness Coordinator

This position has thus far been shared by two individuals, who also serve as parent members of the School Wellness Committee, now chaired by Frau Polak, as well as liaisons between the School Wellness Committee and the Parent Wellness Group.

Each group generally meets once a month: the School Wellness Committee on Friday morning at 8:15 and the Parent Group on Monday evening at 7:00.

The Coordinators organize a number of activities including the Annual Family Wellness Night, providing healthy snacks for school events such as Math and Science Night, and Suzie’s Wellness Week in the Spring. Other responsibilities include planning for occasional speakers for parents on topics such as social media and concussion as well as organizing the Holiday Citrus Sale to raise funds for Wellness activities. Parent Wellness Group members have initiated and led additional efforts such as the Healthy Me program for 5th and 6th graders and the Fairview Ice Skating Day. The Coordinator supports such efforts as well. Assisting with school efforts, led by Frau Polak and Ms. Bush, for programs such as Fuel Up to Play, Let’s Move, and Healthy Schools/Alliance for a Healthier Generation is also expected. Attendance at CPS District Wellness Committee Meetings, generally held on Wednesday afternoons approximately once a month, provides helpful information for school efforts.

Contact Amy Reed or Sharon McCafferty