Fairview Fall Volleyball


The Fairview Volleyball program is set to start the Fall 2019 league for Fairview students (boys and girls) in grades 3 through 6. Depending on signups we may have multiple teams. Use the Registration link to sign up today.


Practices will start in late August/early September and be twice a week, likely in the evenings in the Fairview Clifton gym. Games start in September and run through October on Fridays, Saturdays and/or Sundays. A tournament will be in late October.

Parent volunteers are also needed! If you are willing to help organize email, communications, game times/schedules or to assist in coaching We Want You!

Any interested parent should contact Lisa Boerger at FairviewCliftonVB@gmail.comfor details.

Cross Country For Youth



Cross-Country For Youth, is a nationally recognized running organization for elementary students that introduces students to cross-country training and character-building concepts to develop the whole person. CCFY provides students character and nutrition education training.

Take a minute to check out the amazing program here: https://tinyurl.com/CCFY2018http://www.crosscountryforyouth.org

The program begins September 9, 2019 and runs through November 14.

Registration Link – Cincinnati – https://www.raceplanner.com/register/index/CCFY-Cincinnati-Fall-2019-Program


Interested in volunteering? Volunteer Link – Cincinnati - https://www.raceplanner.com/volunteer/index/ccfy-cincinnati-volunteer-application-2019

Volunteers Needed


Grade Level Liaisons

We are looking for a volunteer from each grade level to be our GEBAS Grade Level Liaison. Your job would be to help GEBAS communicate with your grade level. This is perfect for someone who would like to be involved, but who has limited time to commit to volunteering.

German Phrases Sign

We need a person to update our German Phrases Sign in front of the school. This is a very flexible job and can be done when it is convenient for you. There is a book of phrases so you don't even need to know German for this job!

If either of these volunteer opportunities sounds like something you would be interested in, please email president@gebas.org.

2019-2020 GEBAS Election Results



Thanks to all who ran and voted!

Vice President Leslie Mooney
Recording Secretary Sarah Novosel
Treasurer Amanda Williams
Financial Secretary Wenona Clark
Special Events Coordinator Genevieve Sofranec
Ways & Means Coordinator Erica Neiheisel

Learn more about your new GEBAS representatives!

Vice President

Leslie Mooney is the mother of four boys – Graeme, current Fairview 2nd grader, Colin, a 1st grader, Quinn (age 4), and Eamon (age 19 months). She has served as a community representative to the LSDMC for the past year, helping to select the incoming principal and learning more about the current challenges and opportunities that face our school. She also serves on the Campus/Playground ad hoc committee of LSDMC. She is an active member of Clifton Town Meeting, Clifton Business and Professional Association, Neighborhoods of Uptown, and the Burnet Woods Advisory Committee. She is the Executive Director of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center and has more than 15 years of non-profit management experience, having worked in the Education and Development departments of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and as a researcher at the US Department of Justice. Leslie believes very strongly in public education, and is committed to continuing the legacy of excellence, inclusion and global awareness that Fairview embodies. She and her husband Brendan Martin have lived in Clifton for the last nine years.

Recording Secretary

My name is Sarah Novosel and I am running for the position of Recording Secretary. My husband Dave and I are native Cincinnatians and have lived in Clifton since 2014. We have a daughter (Vivienne, 3rd grade) and son (Theo, kindergarten) attending Fairview. Our chocolate lab Toddler can be seen at pick-up on nice days. Outside of supporting my children and their school, I am a DONA certified Birth Doula.  

I have proudly led Girl Scout troop #42105 the past 4 years and am the Fairview Coordinator for our Council. Since last year I have headed the “Me and My Guy” planning committee. In addition, I have volunteered in my children's classrooms, on field trips, as well as helping with various GEBASsponsored event committees such as Holiday Haus, Pumpkin Patch, Falkenfest, and, of course, Fasching. I feel the relationships fostered and skills strengthened through these experiences would make me a great fit for this position.

I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Fairview community and would love to be your GEBAS Recording Secretary.

Fasching Coordinator

Hi, my name is Natashia Schuh, and I have been the GEBAS, Special Events and Fasching Coordinator for the past 2 years. I am very excited to be running again.

This year I will be focused specifically on Fasching and any other event that may be suggested to this coordinator position. 

My main goal, as the GEBAS, Fasching board member, is to continuously increase fundraising goals to support the funding in every classroom. I am extremely passionate about every detail to ensure Fairview maintains its excellence in learning, and that GEBAS is able to continue to provide all of the amazing opportunities and learning programs. I will fulfill these ideas by working as a team with the other wonderful GEBAS board members, faculty, parents, and students. I strive to make changes to enhance the family fun at each event!!! 

My husband and I have 4 amazing kids. Hope, (19, an alumni of Fairview), Adrianna, (8, 2nd grader at Fairview), Hazel-Rose (3, attends Arlitt preschool), and SJ (31, my autistic brother that we adopted, adore, & call son).

I am also honored to be a 2nd grade Girl Scout leader at Fairview. My troop is so meaningful to me. I love spending time with my 16 Girl Scouts. They are very important to me. 

I grew up in Clifton Heights, so this school has always been a part of my life.

I am very dedicated to volunteering and helping in any way to support every family in our wonderful community. 

Ways and Means

Erica Neiheisel: I would like to continue to support the positive momentum that GEBAS has created for our school and our children. I was the Public Relations Chair for GEBAS from 2016-2018. I enjoy volunteering my time to Fairview, and supporting our mission. I firmly believe the actions we take as parents, directly impact our child’s experiences. Having a strong background in design and sales, I feel that running for Ways and Means is a direct way that I can continue to contribute, supporting GEBAS and Fairview in a way that will make a difference to the school in a meaningful way. Ways and Means is the backbone for the financial success of our students and educators. I want to create new ways to raise money for our as well as build on the existing infrastructure that currently exists. 


My name is Amanda Williams and I am running for the GEBAS treasurer position. My son, Vern, is currently a Kindergartner and my daughter, Stella, will be starting Kindergarten in 2020. I have been an active parent in the classroom and I found this position in search of making a bigger impact in the Fairview community. I am a finance professional with over 15 years of experience which would make me a successful candidate for this position. I look forward to using my skills in finance to help GEBAS achieve their goals while keeping the finances in order.

Financial Secretary

Wenona Clark is the proud mother of Jackson Rodgers, a second grader at Fairview-Clifton German Language School. Her hobbies include traveling with her daughter and writing.

Wenona works in Information Technology for Procter & Gamble. She is an Associate Director leading the Information Technology Solutions’ Global Project Management Office. In her 18 years at Procter & Gamble in Information Technology (IT), Wenona has worked across various organizations including Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance.

Wenona is an advocate of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning. She has previously participated in Xavier University of Cincinnati’s Girls Advancing Technology as well as INTERAlliance’s Women in IT Conference and has previously served on the Young Professional Board of the Children’s Home of Cincinnati. Wenona is a graduate of the Information Technology Senior Management Forum’s (ITSMF) Management Academy. 

Wenona earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southern University and A&M College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and a Master of Business Administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Special Events

Hello. My name is Genevieve Sofranec and I would like opportunity to serve as the Special Events Coordinator for GEBAS.  I am a dedicated mom of a second grader who wholeheartedly believes in being fully engaged in my son's education. I feel I have a unique perspective as both an alumni of Fairview and a parent of a child from the first year of the lottery.  I have spent the last two+ years as a parent representative on the LSDMC and have learned a lot about our school and community. While many things have changed since the early 90s, I know the value of a Fairview education and love the diversity of our community with families from so many zip codes. I am a licensed Social Worker with MSW and many years of experience in system analysis, project management and strong communication skills.  As the Special Events Coordinator, these skills will help me connect with others to build a network of support for our Fairview events. I am most passionate about parent involvement and inclusion and think that this position would be a great way to be deeply involved and further engage with the community.

Been Caught Being Good!

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 10.37.55 PM.png

So Much Goodness Going On!

There were so many nominations for “Been Caught Being Good” that we could not possibly read them all during the morning announcements. Thank you to everyone who sent something in. Here are the remaining good things that our teachers and staff have been caught doing: 

Terri Burch: an outstanding enrichment teacher! Making learning awesome fun.

Janet Cross: endless enthusiasm and energy! Truly caring about each student and using very creative means to encourage each to be her-his best!

Herr Rooksberry and Herr Werling: They both treat students with respect and teach them responsibility.

Frau Birch: “Helps me learn better and she showed me a math rules workbook to help me with my math."

Frau Mitalski: "She's great because she created art club for students."

Herr Knudsen: "He helps me learn old music that I've never heard before."

Herr Rooksberry: great job with exchange program and German team.

Rachel Arlinghaus: flawless first year of teaching. Excellent job!

Stacy Koontz: supportive team leader. Thank you!

Ms. Brown: taking time out of her day to make sure her co-worker knew she was appreciated on a special day. 

Vanessa Andrews (para): showed how to be strong and positive & smile through a negative situation.

Ms. Judy (cafeteria): When a student spilled some of her food, she made sure she got filled up and helped her pick some other options.

Ms Lambdin: Taught her students how to have patience even when someone is purposely trying to irritate you & turn it into a fun situation to have a chance to laugh and have a giggle. 

Frau Mazzei: Offered to watch a friend's toddler to sure her friend was able to concentrate on something important without distractions. 

Frau Shen: Always smile and treat everyone equally. Reward wonderful behavior, not bad & helped teach an important lesson by being pessimistic.

Frau Mitalksi: Donated hours of personal time to make sure every single student had a very special piece of art. And make something special for every parent at Fairview. 

Ms McDade: Made sure a student going through a rough time was doing okay and also showing care that the family was doing well also. 

Ms Kaufmann: Taking personal time to go support a student and her family in a time of need. 

Herr Maile: Taking personal time to support a student and their family. Making sure all the Fairview staff knows how much they are appreciated and helping to have a successful and fun Teacher Appreciation Week.

Ms. Bush: Spending extra time making sure students with special dietary needs were able to participate in all the activities at camp (vegan s’mores).

Ms. Judi(office): Going out of her way to hold the door open for a parent who had their hands full, even though she was busy herself. 

Ms. Jody: Making sure all the students are safe by being professional and ensuring proper check in procedures for all visitors, but still making sure the parent felt at home at Fairview while volunteering. 

Herr Knudsen: Making sure Arts nights and future events at Fairview are fun for the whole family. Already helping and giving ideas to plan something new. 

Ms. Judi (office): Taking extra special care of a student & showing how important safety is taken at Fairview.

Mrs. Hudepohl: Making sure each teacher has something special for Young Authors Night. 

Ms. Quincy (cafeteria): Getting vegetarian options ready as she sees the kids coming. Knowing the kids & their diets personally.  Always smiling & so very sweet. 

Ms. Lambdin: Waiting to do an activity with entire class because two students were leaving & she didn’t want them to miss out.  

Ms. Vicky Price (cafeteria): Making special cheese sandwiches for a vegetarian student. 

Frau Shen: Special birthday chair & celebration to make sure each child feels special.  

Frau Mazzei: Putting special kindness notes on student's and teacher's desks. 

Frau Hudepohl: Writing words of kindness and encouragement with chalk at the entrance to Fairview. 

Amos (janitor): Helped a parent load her car off the clock. Always friendly. 

Frau Pollock: Welcomes a parent into her gym class anytime. Even if her child isn’t there. 

Anson (janitor): Always helps me carry things and constantly checks in to see if staff or parent volunteers needed any type of help. Always kind and fun!!!! 

Frau Mitalski: Came into Fairview several days last week after putting her kids to sleep to work on every students’ personal art work. 

Ms. Lambdin: Secret walker (treat for students) 

Dr. Cole (chess club): Very welcoming and thankful to the parents that helped with chess club. 

Frau Mitalksi: Even with an extremely busy week, she made sure things were moved around to prepare for Me and My Guy Dance. 

Ms. Bush: Helped a parent by listening to a concern about their child & helped try to ensure things worked out smoothly. 

Ms. Hetzel: Makes sure the younger kids don’t get overlooked at events & physically protected young ones from getting pushed aside & started to prepare changes for the future, so it doesn’t happen again.

Ms. Schmitt: Welcomed a parent volunteer and her 3 year old into her classroom & made sure they felt comfortable and respected even though the parent doesn’t have a child in her class. 

Ms. Judi (office): Made a younger sibling feel very comfortable at Fairview after a long day & gave very nice compliments. 

Frau Mitalski: Turned her personal efforts into a positive situation for the whole Fairview community by spending extra hours and hours turning arts night into a fundraiser that benefits every classroom at Fairview, not just art, and supports GEBAS. 

Ms. Lambdin: Volunteered her personal time to volunteer at arts night after working all day.

Ms. Smith: Working late hours, often leaving the building when it is dark.

Ms. Brown: Treating her students like they are her own children.

Frau Stall: Taking special care with the feelings and emotional well-being of her students.

Ms. Judi and Ms. Jodi: Remaining calm, patient and kind during the chaotic rush into school in the morning.

Ms. Bush: Very organized and hard-working.  Demonstrates incredible dedication to Fairview.  We are lucky to have her!

Mrs. Kreimer: “she always helps me when I don’t understand something.”

Herr Werling: “he always takes time to explain things to help us when we are learning something new.