District Responses to Questions Gathered for the April 10, 2019

Fairview Clifton Community Engagement

The LSDMC recognizes that there was some disappointment with those in attendance on April 10th to not be able to ask additional questions.  The format was chosen so that questions that had been gathered as of 3/19/2019 could be answered and decrease the frustration with not having the right people there to answer questions.  Those in attendance were able to submit additional questions and answers from the district will be shared with the LSDMC by Wednesday evening April 17th. LSDMC will then distribute those answers in a timely manner through the Falkenpost and be made available on the Fairview Clifton GEBAS parent organization website gebas.org.  

LSDMC will open the survey link again below in order to gather questions our community members, not in attendance on April 10, may have at this time.  

The following themes were present in the questions and comments submitted to the LSDMC survey link:

Start Time

At this time, there is no plan to change the start and end time for Fairview-Clifton. The current start time is 9:15 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Clifton Area Neighborhood School will likely have an earlier start time and earlier dismissal time, in line with our other neighborhood school schedules and to accommodate traffic patterns.

Drop-off and Pick-Up

Fairview will continue to drop off and pick up will remain the same. CPS priority is to ensure all students have a safe passage to and from school and we will continue to work collaboratively to develop a plan that will adapt to the needs of both schools through the years.

Parking Plan

CANS staff will utilize the CRC lot. Fairview staff currently park in the loading dock lot and the CRC lot. In the first year of CANS, we will have about 15 staff and will work with Fairview and the CRC to accommodate parking for all staff.

Fairview families will continue to be able to access the CRC lot when they volunteer. Students and teachers also utilize the St. John’s Unitarian Church lot.

Crossing Guards

CPS currently has two crossing guards serving the Fairview-Clifton school: one stationed at Fairview-Clifton and one at Resor/Middleton.

CPS will review the current crossing guard plan for the area and make sure there is appropriate crossing guard coverage for the neighborhood. For example, in Northside, crossing guards support Chase School at its earlier start and end time, and move over to Parker Woods Montessori for their later start and end time.

Before and After School Activities

The principals of the two schools will be responsible for coordinating open houses, conferences and other before and after school activities. CRC expressed their commitment to serving both schools. CPS will continue to coordinate with CRC as well to support activities in all facilities.

Commitment to Future of CANS and Fairview

CPS is committed to the future development of both Fairview and CANS, and recognize they are differentiated and special school communities.


CPS has forecasted a total capacity for CANS of 388 – two classrooms for kindergarten through sixth grade and 20 preschoolers. There will be approximately 15 to 20 staff for the 2019-2020 school year.

For Fairview, the enrollment capacity is 720. Because Fairview is a Magnet school, CPS can cap the enrollment for this school.

Initially, CANS will have about 100 students enrolled in its first year and will grow year over year, so the initial traffic pattern will only be impacted by a limited number of staff and families.

Future planning for CANS

We are developing the playscape and other offerings for CANS. The playscape will be located in the area between the Clifton School building and the Rawson Farmhouse.

The CANS LSDMC has selected Expeditionary Learning as its Vision 2020 neighborhood school program focus. This program focus has been selected by the community, parents and leaders of the CANS community, and approved by the Superintendent. In time, CPS will work with the CANS LSDMC to select a Lead Agency partner for the school to lead the partnerships that support the enrichment for CANS students.